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Do Healthcare Mergers and Acquisitions Benefit Patients? David Joslin Explains the Benefits

As a senior radiology consultant and after many years of experience in investment banking, David Joslin helped put together multi-million dollar deals for major healthcare companies. He has led a team in their corporate strategy, project development, and financial management tasks. After coordinating many multi-million dollar healthcare M&A deals, David Joslin is familiar with the benefits these […]

David Joslin

David Joslin Goes Over the Benefits Mergers and Acquisitions Have for Patients

After many years in the business, David Joslin has succeeded as a radiology consultant. As a senior executive, David Joslin has put together multi-million dollar deals for relevant healthcare companies. In his roles, he has also driven results in corporate strategy, project development, and financial management. As someone familiar with M&As in the healthcare industry, David Joslin has seen an […]

David Joslin’s Overview of the Top Healthcare Mergers and Acquisitions in the 1st Half of 2019

In his current role as a healthcare consultant, David Kent Joslin advises companies in developing a competitive strategy, identifying growth, and pursuing value-additive mergers and acquisitions. David Joslin describes growth in M&A activity over the last several years as being strong across all transaction sizes increasing by 14.4 percent from 2017 into 2018 with continued momentum into 2019. In this article […]